Sunday, August 24, 2008

Moving on Up....or over

In three days John and I will be moving to a bigger apartment about 7 blocks to the West of where we're at right now. We're excited to move, but sad to be leaving our first apartment as a married couple. Anyone who wants to help us move is welcome! Tuesday night at 6:30pm until 3pm Wednesday afternoon.

Updates by Olivia: I recently got a new job at the hospital as a dietary tech in the NICU. I am so excited to be working in the same field as my major, finally! I have quit working at Macaroni Grill after two years of serving. I also work on campus as the head TA for Nutrition 100. I will graduate in April 2010, but John graduates December of this year. We are hoping for his acceptance into Graduate school at BYU beginning in January 2009. We have been keeping very busy with summer school and are enjoying a small summer break until school starts in September.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

John and Olivia 2.0 - (second year coming up)

Hi everyone, this is our first post for the "blog". We'll be maintaining this site as best we can through school and work. I've had this site for a class back in 06' but will now be using it for some more useful contact with friends and family. For now enjoy:
(Mom and Dad copy/paste into new browser)

This is a link to the picasa web space for photo hosting. Its been pretty useful for uploading our pictures (more to come as soon as the disposable cameras get developed...I tend to be rough with cameras and use the cheap ones frequently for field trips). Most of what you'll find there are albums from field trips, vacations, wedding and other family stuff. We're glad to hear from anyone else and happy spring!